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Your 5 First Beginners Wool Projects

5 Beginner Knitter Project Ideas



I think learning to knit or crochet goes better with a project in mind. That being said I say start simple go with a scarf. It is a great feeling to be able to show off your finished work and say to someone “Thanks I made it” when they say they like it. Scarves are a great first project as size doesn’t matter. Gauge can be learnt in this project as it is not important, and you can just get a feel for it as you go. Scarves involve lots of practice with whatever stitch you use and you can change colour here as well and learn how to do that with very little difficulty.



Next you can make beanie to match this pretty scarf. Making a beanie involves learning new skills like working in the round and that size matters. Here your gauge and yarn choices and hooks size matter, because let’s face it, we want the beanie to fit. When you are finished and have a whole matching set to set off your next outfit. Little sets like this are great as gifts. Making a pair of fingerless gloves would round out the set nicely too. Also, a simple and easy next project often just a rectangle with a hole for the thumb can work easily.



I like to make slippers for an easy quick project. Again, they can make great gifts and I know households that fight over them. Slippers are fun and can be easily adjusted to fit any size. You can have fun with colours as slippers you wear around the house don’t have to match anything – even each foot! If you want to make them non-slip there is grip you can add to the bottom available at most craft stores. I did learn the lesson the hard way, though, that white yarn is not always the best choice aussie online casinos for house slippers. When you feel confident there are some wild and fun patterns out there that you have to try at least once.



Tech covers are great and simple to make but can be changed easily to suit any personality. Making small ones for phones, medium ones for tablets or iPads, and even larger ones for laptops is easy and adjustable. Add a strap for easy carrying to make a bag or add a small opening on top and you have a hot water bottle cover.


Learning to adjust patterns is a great skill to have to make a pattern to suit you and your needs. I very rarely these days do as I am told more than once.



Lastly, I would suggest doing a sampler blanket. There are many, many different ones out there and come in any shape or colour you want. You can even make one up yourself from squares you like. There is a CAL that I follow every year and they do 12-inch square every two weeks. You can look through old ones and just pick the square you like to make a blanket whatever size you like.

Another type I appreciate is worked in rows with every few rows changing stitch. I myself have not made up one of those as the maths and planning involved has defeated my attention span! Though there is a site that you can spin 3 wheels and it tells you what colour to use what stitch (choice of 8) and how many rows to do. I also recently saw one that was like a drinking game but for crochet and the Superbowl, so there are heaps of ways to have fun and keep it interesting while learning new things!


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5 thoughts on “Your 5 First Beginners Wool Projects

    • Bettina Donohue says:

      Patterns for what? These are just suggestions of ideas the way I found easiest to learn. It applies to both crochet and knitted.

  1. Alyson says:

    Hello Bettina

    Thank you for your email and great ideas…how may I find the pattern for the beanie in the photo please?
    I love it…



    • Bettina Donohue says:

      Sorry, it is a stock image. I use Ravelry though and you should be able to find something very similar there. Any trouble give me a ring and I can walk you through it.

      • Alyson says:

        Thanks Bettina

        I had already searched Ravelry for that beanie pattern before I messaged you…unfortunately there’s nothing quite like it…I just LOVE the chunkiness…and look great out of some leftover chunky wool that I have. I think I may have purchased the original yarn from you 😉

        Will give you a call at end of week though…thanks so much


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