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ABOUT ME and Things I Have Learnt Over the Years

Wool Shop in Guyra NSW

ABOUT ME and Things I Have Learnt Over the Years….


I am a yarnaholic and LOVE my job!


Buying this business and setting up my life around yarn, knitting and crocheting has been a dream come true. I feel like I have won lotto.



While I am bi-lingual (crochet and knit) I would rather crochet than knit. I find it faster and easier and it is better for those handbag projects that require picking up and putting down quickly. I did learn to knit first and never thought I would learn to crochet but I wanted to make flowers and thought the crochet ones were better. Here I am a decade later and my mind has been changed and blown away with what I can do now.


I am here to help now and pass on what I have learnt, not that I have stopped learning I always love trying new things and learn new stitches and skills.



  • Some little bits of knowledge to pass along that I think every knitter or crocheter should know are when making an item of clothing tension matters. Even if the pattern says otherwise tension matters. I have a poncho that is now a blanket because I thought that tension didn’t matter. Actually, I did that twice, sometimes it takes a few goes to learn a lesson!


  • Ravelry is something everyone should use. There are soo many patterns on Ravelry and the filters are great. I also advise giving yourself lots of time to look for patterns there are so many pretty things you can get a little lost and sidetracked. It also has an option for adding your own projects when done. I advise doing this it helps you track your work and others when you online casinos aud find a pattern. I use it to see if there are any hiccups coming or maybe most people found they needed more yarn then they thought. It helps to narrow down projects. Ravelry also has a way to track your stash, make friends, and ask for advice – it is a little like Facebook in that sense, but just for yarn crafts.


  • Another site I use for patterns is Love Crafts – it has heaps of great patterns and you can get a lot of them for free.


  • When browsing online I am more into free patterns but I do love books the most, as I feel they are more value for money. I have so many you think I would stop but I just love what some people come up with. Magazines are also a place where I get my inspiration or ideas. I get around 3 a month, all of them from the UK, and 2 of them crochet and one that does both knit and crochet.



I have some more confessions to make:

  • I love granny squares and crochet-alongs (CAL).
  • I have some trouble finishing things and finishing them on time is another one (I’m hoping someone will relate on that one!)
  • I am a bit of a magpie and just take a bit of all the shiny things.
  • I love trying new things and learning new techniques.

One of my goals every year is to finish what I start. I am getting better, but I am nowhere near done. It is another thing I like about being in the shop, though, is that I have more time to do more crochet and knitting. I have even finished somethings in the last three months!


I also love sharing this love of yarn and the things you – my talented customers – make from it. When you have questions, I will always do my best to answer them, or we can look together and sort through it. And if you want to just show off something you have made, come on down to the shop and show me – I’m sure I will love it and rave about it with you!


If you are ever travelling through, we have the “cozy corner” where you can grab a cuppa and have a chat, check out what you are working on, and have a look around this great little town.


If you can’t make it to Guyra, email or Facebook me, and let’s show everyone all your amazing creations.


Wherever I see you pop up, I look forward to meeting you all, serving you, and sharing the news, knowledge and fun of this crafting community of ours. I hope you enjoy the new and ever-improving Black Sheep Wool!

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