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5 Favourite Granny Square Projects For Anytime of Year!

granny square knitted blanket

From tea cosy to jumpers, from blankets to bookmarks the versatile and always stylish Granny Square is great all year round and for just about anything you can think of. I love Granny Squares as they are my go-to for most things, especially if I have a short time frame. Granny Squares are quick and easy, don’t use a whole heap of yarn so can be done on a budget, and can be done in one colour or many colours making them great stash buster projects. Here are some of my favourite Granny Square projects.


First up the Granny Square blanket:

granny square knitted blanket


This was the pattern for the first one I made. It was a gift to a friend, and I made it in Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply Classic Wool. I learned so much and was so happy with the result as a great first project. Took so much longer than I ever thought but I learnt about yarn choices and how they affect how much you might need. This is also, to my surprise, how I first fell in love with Granny Squares and crochet more than knitting – sorry knitting!


Second is the Granny Square slippers:

Granny Square Warm Winter nitted Slippers


I have a few different patterns for slippers, but this is where I really learnt about colour and purpose. Do not make slippers in white, for example – I still have a pair and use them but I did not think that all the way through! Also, the pattern is in Russian pokies online but thanks to the photos it is all you really need. I have made a few different sizes by adjusting yarn size and rounds that you do. I also have found that just making a long chain and threading it through the finishing round you can tie them tight to your foot. Cute, comfy and secure!



Third is a bookmark pattern:

granny square knitted bookmark



Needs a bit of blocking in the photo but a heavy book sorts that out. This is great for a quick gift as it takes no time at all. Great for those book worms in your life or I have given it to a few Uni students as a present. This is the project I learnt the Join as you Go technique. It has been really helpful for doing other bigger projects and means less sewing together later.


Fourth is a Granny Square shrug:

granny square knitted shoulder rug shrug



I have made this twice, and this particular shrug is the one I entered in the Guyra Show and was awarded first place. Made in a 10 ply but I have done it in a cotton as well for a lighter little something extra to throw on. I think it would be easy to do one in a colour to throw on over a little black dress. Maybe make it smaller and for a little girl would be cute. So many ideas and easy to adapt for size and style as it is just a Granny Square design after all.

Lastly, I love pixel crochet with Granny Squares:

granny square crochet pixel square toy blanket


This fun number is from a book that I own called Pixel Crochet by Hannah Meur. I have made a few different patterns out of it, and again I change things as I need to because it is Granny Squares and you can, easily! This is a baby blanket, so I used 5ply wool and did smaller squares. I also made a single bed one for my dad and used 12ply wool and more rounds on the square.



In summary, it’s pretty clear I love the humble Granny Square and use it for almost everything! Even making things out of the Granny style stitch but not a square is easy too. I have made tea cosies – my favourite being an “Ugly” one that my husband picked all the colours and made sure it didn’t match; he said every house needs an ugly tea cosy. I have made half Granny Squares with holes in it for sleeves and it is a great vest or without for a scarf. And I have also done it straight, wavy in a blanket, or corner to corner works too. The choices are endless, so please go ahead and show me what you have made in the Granny Stitch on Facebook by tagging Black Sheep Wool in your posts!

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